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         Welcome to Tuft.

         My name is Jane Pearson and I live in the beautiful, green west of England.

          I made my very first felt piece in December 2012, wanting to try my hand at something new to make for Christmas presents. I have always liked making things but this was the first medium which immediately and completely engulfed me beyond reason.

          After being a mosiac maker for some time the initial satisfaction was in the creating, and finishing (!) of a lovely new, natural item in just one day. Each day a new creative experiment. Then the more I made, the more I fell in love. I loved the bleeding of colours through each other in ever surprising ways; the wriggly, organic shapes which all the fibres take on in the shrinking; the magical and unique alchemy of the process; the seemingly infinite variety of species of felt and yes, even the maths of it. Even the rolling; the endless, meditative rolling. Sigh.

          The obsession eased me through some punishing trial and error but the constant feeling of improvement added to the satisfaction. 

         I gulped and went with my goods to my first spring fair and made my first sale.  From there I have built up my takings at artisan markets and many and various public events, always a joy to attend. Since 2014 it has provided my sole income.

         I am now broadening my woolly horizons with workshops.

         I hope you enjoy browsing and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

         Several of the items in my gallery are available to buy on Etsy. (tuftfelt)


         Thanks for visiting.



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